January 29, 2013

Today I decided to show that I have an interesting , what do I need for basic operation ) Not so much, but still enough - my tools for jewelry wire. Some hundred years ), some recently bought , and really did not enjoy . Everyone is dumped in unused room ( still ) but by the summer I plan to move to the loggia , which became part of the room, this is for sure) but now I do not know how to stay here in two pine trees ... Perhaps I'll start with a pair of pliers , bought from top clockwise , do not think it is difficult to guess ))) blue tops were bought when I was just trying to wring some earrings made of paper clips , 5 years ago, have been fobbed me off the market under the guise of pliers , now I use them keep the wire on the gas if you need to anneal
Hammers - left just recently bought, right already experienced, there is one with a round striker, but such a curve that terrible show)

Anvil - the first miracle of engineering machinery - cut the rail, was brought from the village, sooo hard, the surface is rough in places but there are still equal parts)

This also bought recently, but has not yet adapted to it ... just a little

Needle file and the mandrel does not interfere with another different buy

The burner and gas for her, she is still waiting for that break to buy an new one, but it still works, though lately I do not often use it

Sandpaper, where do without it

Board for soldering, untouched as yet seen, has not had time to try again because it was not working for a long time with a burner, not payala so the more, although bought a copper phosphorous brazing

Wire of course, and sheet metal, the lowest - brass, with which I work very little, but then bought by accident, pitted against what may

Engraver, or something like that while I'm happy, yet not broken) them I just polish

The meter rings, why then bought, basically he told me unnecessarily

Ammonia for patination and varnish, sulfuric liver yet, I like to ammonia then adapted for a long time, but if someone tell me where to buy the liver will be grateful

Of course there are many plans for the future, but probably not say anything about them, that God did not make you laugh)

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