August 27, 2013

August 19, 2013


   Вот вам мурлыкостей, для нежности))У нас поселилась такая вот кошечка)
Today went to his deviant profile, and there is already 782 comment!, Usually up to 10 .. What is it, all congratulations on DD, which is where to look? UPD understood))


The new pendant wove copper with ammonite (ammonites are miraculously still come down to me from China about two months). Now the same goes two more parcels of labradorite and ocean jasper, but probably will never reach, and the redemption period has passed, maybe I was in Russia ... it would be the last time I used the "free shipping"
Today, I finally gathered together all that has done since their arrival, terribly difficult to work in the repair, we spend the night at my mother, I carried the there's something - you need for work, but always forget something ... And I go back and forth constantly) Three pendants)
"Ice Flower" moonstone (adularia)


"The soul of the forest" pear photographed on a log, I had brought from a village set of "artifacts" dried flowers, birch bark, sticks in - twigs and other stuff

""Oriental Tales""

Finally photographed necklace - here labradorite stones and lapis lazuli, Japanese and Czech seed beads
Посмотреть на Яндекс.Фотках


Here is such a white bezel, and you can probably bride) Stones - adularia (BELOMOR?) Agate and pearls of various shapes
me ))
Embroidered 2 weeks ago, lay waiting until the missing piece faerlayn buy to finish the edge


well certainly does not look like a flower edelweiss, but how beautiful it sounds!) Here is the same turquoise, who bought in China
New pieces: earrings and barrette, and another tomorrow I will complete a pendant with turquoise And my mom today - anniversary - 55 years, but will be modest, dad is in the hospital after a stroke ... is sort of on the mend