October 31, 2013

   Want to show something new, rather than the products themselves , and pictures for them, all train ))) on Wednesday took to her for no reason at a temperature of 39.5 , so bad I was long gone ... such a break-up of the whole body , the horror ... In a Friday , even the doctor aroused , she said - sore throat and hoisted me on antibiotics . Now everything seems to be OK . Autumn is well on the street - 10 - 15 degrees celsius) Etsy finally took my mind ) And how I lived without it before ? minimalist decoration

October 22, 2013

New earrings, ring and bracelet This moss is specially brought out of the woods yet acorns, leaves and cones

October 18, 2013

 Another portion of the new products necklace "Divo" with lampwork Olga Mannina "Auyumn leaf" brooch earrings earrings "Ocean"

October 15, 2013

New collection for autumn brooches for crocheted, felted and knitted items

October 14, 2013

A couple of new brass necklace and earrings bunch . The first was done in a very long time to get a small pendant and chain by itself does not want to see , that's just dawned yesterday as his beat . The second had to do not just remodel. and all re ... Once oxidized brass crumble all ... I do not think that such a thick plate crumble ... but the truth is I'm a little Overexposed > and earrings made ​​of brass , in the presence of the last pair Well, since I'm now the owner of the shop on Etsy - I invite anyone who has such a thread Magazev yet From the following link and you and I get 40 free listngov (40 works) http://etsy.me/17wlPHL